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eBooks for Africa: All Change in a Nanosecond

eBooks for Africa, all change in a nanosecond

Autumn is upon us. A time to reflect and perhaps re-commit to what we set out to achieve at the beginning of the year.  As the climate changes, it prompts me to reflect on change in our systems and services and in the way we encapsulate and share knowledge.

The change of season brings with it a process of rejuvenation. I am in England at the moment and looking out at the leaves changing colour and falling from the trees. The promise of new stronger growth after the winter is inherent in this process. In southern Europe the changes are different. The high temperatures and oppressive heat give way to cooler comfortable nights and bright days.  In Africa the seasonal changes bring dry periods, or sunny clear days or the rains. With it comes the promise of fresh growth.

Season changes bring growth

Technology demands the same. The world is blessed with many opportunities, all the result of human beings imposing their will and knowledge to bring about fantastic change.

Nowhere is this more important than in education. In applying our knowledge to solve problems to aid our government and economies and to pass on knowledge to a new generation to explore and develop.

The environment we live in is no longer constricted to a small area of land or territory. Our world is influenced by world happenings. The way we communicate through wireless connections across the planet in a matter of nanoseconds imposes changes that we could never imagine when isolated in our territories.

There is great willingness in Africa to participate in change, to adopt technologies, to apply them for the good of Africa and Africans, impacting individuals as well as nations.

Individuals can change the direction of their lives. My grandfather told my mother “Give the boy books. Everything he needs to know is in a book!”.  Books contain the motivations that unleash energies in the form of ideas and dreams.

So why eBooks?

Put very simply their accessibility and portability. In a physical world limits are set by a library to control how many texts can be borrowed at any one time with fines to herd the tardy reader. Graffiti, torn pages and lost chapters, the space available to study all impact learning adversely and remove the book from close proximity to the individual. The physical need to carry printed books restricts the individual to have to be in a particular place, at particular times of the day or night.

All limitations are removed by the eBook. And we are only at the beginning of what the eBook is and will be.

eBooks present a glorious Autumn ahead of us. No matter what the season.

In a few days we launch LibStor’s BookStor – eBooks for Africa. An exciting world of knowledge from the world’s best minds put within reach of mobile –ready devices.