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Don’t call us a Dummies, stupid!

Don’t call us Dummies, Stupid!

Don’t call us Dummies, Stupid!

Everyone needs to learn something new.

Getting good information about a topic, in any depth and with a good degree of accuracy, takes time and we are all guilty of wanting to digest  as much as we can in as short a space of time as possible. For example, when my daughter went to University and wanted to learn more about Healthy Eating and cooking without gluten, she turned to the For Dummies eBooks and “Gluten-Free Cooking For Dummies” – it sets out all the facts and provides a clear and concise introduction in a very easy to read and digest (sic) format.

Just about every topic under the sun now has a “For Dummies” title. How easy this must make it for anyone taking exams today.

One of my favourite and most surprising titles to find is,  Existentialism For Dummies”. As a boy studying French, John Paul Sartre’s, “Les Mains Sales”, was ours to Existentialism For Dummiescritique. I am sure that armed with this as my guide to consciousness, I would probably have become a philosopher.  As if that’s not enough, this particular book comes complete with lists of the ten greatest existential films, ten great existential aphorisms, and ten common misconceptions about existentialism. You can’t get better value than that. At a tenth of the price than Sartre and Existentialism, a collection of essays and an ontology it’s a much more accessible way into philosophy. 

Perhaps more relevant to daily life, are those titles that foster enterprise and are of the moment, titles such as “Mobile Marketing For Dummies” or “Building a Web Site For Dummies”. These move you ahead of the pack and give highly practical advice in a very low cost way. The great thing about For Dummies titles is that you can learn at your own pace and feel in control.

It’s not degree levKeyboard for Dummiesel stuff but you can’t ignore the persuasion of learning from a text that does what it says on the cover: breaks subjects down into core elements while building up your confidence and knowledge in the subject with practical no fuss straightforward language.

There are over 2300 titles published under this imprint, many on technology related topics. If you fear technology these have the potential to free you from any chains that bind you and prevent you from being part of the “I” or “sam” generation.

Try a Dummies title to master your subject.  And that new gadget or instrument that you’ve acquired that needs insightful explanation?  No one can call us dummies now!