An Opportune Aura : Presenting Yourself For Prestige and Prominence

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An Opportune Aura is an incredibly readable and rich tapestry about building oneself, self-presentation and its importance. Andreas A. Jones is brave enough to allow the piece to unfold with a distinct straightforward simplicity that never loses its edgy intellect. He did so masterfully with An Opportune Aura, Andreas paints on a grand canvas, boldly, and confidently, equally adept at conveying the complicated social backdrop of our present society.

Andreas’s great gift is that he has brought us into the territory of the previously unexplored. He writes about that which others have kept silent. This is not just about building oneself; it is also a keenly observed examination of:

 Discovering your best self

 What presenting yourself entails

 Presenting yourself to the world via your career

 Self presentation during a job search

 Self presentation in social media

 Presenting yourself to the world through relationships

 How self presentation affects aspects of your life

 How social media affects you

It includes details on how to dress to give off a good impression and how to have confidence in yourself in all kinds of situations. It teaches you to play to your strengths and think things through before you act. It goes through the motions of basic social etiquette and explains the secret rules for how you are expected to behave in a professional situation, as well as helping your to prepare for a job interview.  

This is a very inspiring, very warm and moving intergenerational epic that confirms Andreas’s virtuosity, boundless empathy and searing social acuity.


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