Bringing in the Sheep Ministries

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In the Bible Paul exhorts believers in Jesus Christ to be an example in word, conversation, charity, spirit, faith, and purity. Many of us have failed in the challenge depicted in scripture for God’s overseers of His church and people. In most cases, church leaders have driven new converts back to a life of sin because they have forgotten or lost sight of their roles as Spiritual Leaders in His earthly kingdom.

In this leadership guide and workbook, I will encourage you to become a more effective and discipline leader by reviewing successful leadership traits, characteristics, and life experiences that will strengthen your God-given talents and enable you to serve God effectively. Together, we will learn how to “bring in the sheep”, and keep them in the fold. As servants to the Body of Christ, we will either lead people into the light, or push them further back into darkness. Which will it be?

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