Costco’s Dirty Little Secrets

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This book is a “must” read for Costco’s 47 million cardholding members who will learn that portions of Costco’s ruthless business philosophy is without conscience or accountability.

Over the years, Costco has enjoyed rave reviews, a large customer base and big profits. Costco’s Dirty Little Secrets, however, is not about America’s love affair with the Costco Wholesale Corporation, of which there is no debate. It is about the insidious, hidden underbelly of the giant warehouse outlet.

Behind the obvious successes are the warts, foibles and untold causalities among Costco suppliers. Shady, sometimes arbitrary, sometimes unscrupulous corporate policies and vendor practices are common. The book’s 12 chapters will peel back the mystique to expose shattered hopes and permanently deferred dreams of once promising businesses.

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