Creating the Future: Innovation and Performance Driven Strategic Process

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This book provides a process and a model for business leaders and their associates to achieve their requisite goals of high performance today and the creation of a winning future. This is the world class standard. When asked if they are world class or aiming to be world class, everyone will say yes. But those that are truly on the journey and persevere are much fewer. This book is for them.

For even the most successful firms, eventually, the old game, however great it may have been, is over. No amount of more refined analysis or doing more and better of the same will avoid decline.

Strategies come to an end; success does not continue forever. Eventually, some entrepreneur will come along with a superior business model for your existing business. But you can be that entrepreneur. Your company can be the innovator, the attacker, or the developer of new and stronger ideas as opposed to being the victim of someone else’s ingenuity.

Creating the Future provides you with a model and a process to get from your current state to your next target state. It outlines the strategy required to get from here to there by using three frameworks, each with their own specific logic and methodology: alignment, incremental innovation, and radical innovation.

Creating tomorrow in an organization dedicated to winning today is the most demanding management challenge. Creating the Future concludes with the approach to make this happen.

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