Government Program Management

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Government Program Management examines ongoing global reforms in public-sector program design and management and explains how to deliver public-sector programs in response to these reforms. A new, generic program management model–essential for government executives, program managers, and legislative leaders–is presented. The new model addresses various dysfunctional forces, many of them global in scale, that inhibit public programs from achieving their intended benefits and outcomes.

This in-depth resource discusses broad reforms that fundamentally alter government agency structure, performance reporting and budgeting, composition, and roles and functions. The book also looks at targeted reforms affecting individual programs, covering concept, planning, design, delivery, cost control, and performance reporting. Best practices from both the public and private sectors are covered in this pioneering guide.

Government Program Management covers:

  • Forces for change in government program management: impacts of the new public management theory
  • Problems and issues in public program performance and benefits management
  • Agency performance and program management developments in the United States
  • Applying the industry standard for program management according to the Project Management Institute to public agencies and programs
  • The program management office in the public sector
  • Government workforce changes and implications for program management
  • Public program leadership developments
  • Global models and benchmarks for program management: new public management concepts
  • Models for future programs
  • Case study: a national digital health information system in the United States
  • The special problem of networked and intergovernmental programs
  • Recommendations for changing public program management structure, systems, and processes in the United States beginning with the president

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