How to Jump From a Ferris Wheel and Land on Your Feet

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Every so often, you’ll come across a book that transcends the obvious and unveils the unknown.

How to Jump From a Ferris Wheel and Land On Your Feet, is such a book. This publication goes far beyond the preliminaries of personal empowerment. It rises above. Other books may have this appeal in a series, but not the unique collection of positive and uplifting stories found here.

When Miriam L. Jacobs sent me the manuscript, I was favorably impressed by the pervasive authenticity. And, I am very thankful.

How to Jump From a Ferris Wheel and Land On Your Feet has been an invaluable guide for my own success journey. The stories of these ten, amazing women not only shed light upon that which was once in the dark, but challenge all who read them to experience a radical shift in their own believing and abilities.

I invite you to capture their extraordinary characters and spirit.

Within these pages, you will discover strategies for overcoming which derive from real-life experiences. Each of the writers brim with brilliance and illustrate a rare and wonderful gift: the power to enlighten, inspire, and amaze through storytelling. You will discover a domain of knowledge, profound truths, and unlimited applications for success and happiness.

How to Jump From a Ferris Wheel and Land On Your Feet is not only a “fast-read,” but it’s quite enjoyable as well. Each story evokes an appreciation for the courageous and faithful. Prepare to be touched.

If you’re in search of a book that not only inspires, but delivers dynamic solutions to not-so-every-day problems, your wait is over. These women will show you how you, too can jump from a Ferris Wheel and land on your feet.

Let the enlightenment begin!
by Fran Briggs, Life & Success Coach

Contributing Authors:
— Poet Dorothy Scott
— Demetra Reid
— Candace Battiste
— Fran Briggs
— Sharon M. Fisher
— Barbara Price
— Miriam L. Jacobs
— RM Green
— Debra D. Griffin
— Rachel M. Battiste

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