Leaves In The Wind

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The central figure of this short story is a biker named Montana LeFandra (not his real name). I was about to say “hero” of this story, but, on thinking about it, the shoe doesn’t really fit the foot. Though the teller of the story might well see himself as a hero, there’s some question about whether others would. Montana swears to God the story is absolutely true. The only trouble I have with his statement is that I’m not at all sure who his God is . or how much of the story he lived himself, heard from someone else, or read about.

Montana claimed to be the Founding Father of the Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club which started out as himself and a bunch of his biker buddies drinking, carousing with women, and spending weekends at various hideaways on the desert and in the mountains of southern California. They had so much fun that the Club gradually grew in size to over two thousand members . and also became a major management problem! How Montana handled it is a story in itself, but what he did after an all-out life and death war with Hell’s Angels is another story again . all of it written as faithfully as I can remember it between these two covers.

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