Making It Happen : A Non-Technical Guide to Project Management

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Making It Happen: A Non-Technical Guide to ProjectManagement provides a fresh and clear approach to projectmanagement. Written in the form of a novel, it covers the basics ofproject management in a friendly, interesting, and memorable way.

Will Campbell, a reasonably competent middle manager, issuddenly thrust into managing a high-profile project that couldmake or break his career. With no project management experience,and armed only with the guidance of his eccentric menror, Martha,Will learns the hard way. As Will navigates the rough seas ofcompany politics, treacherous competition, and a project swirlingout of control, he narrowly evades many pitfalls, and masters someindispensable project management tools along the way.

Against the backdrop of this personal drama, a simple, rationalapproach to project management unfolds. Will’s ability to graspthese principles is the key to his survival, and could be the keyto yours. Making It Happen enables the reader to transformrisky, real-life situations into success.

  • Provides a simple, non-technical approach, useful to anybusiness person involved in teams or managing projects
  • Offers practical tools and principles that will make anyproject a success: from office moves to product roll-outs, systemsimplementations to training program delivery, and everything inbetween
  • Boxes, definitions, and charts highlight key points andpractical project management tips.

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