Self-Motivation Through Risk Taking!

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If you want success in life but hesitate to take action, this book is for you!

The revelations in Self-Motivation Through Risk Taking will help you understand the evolving characteristics of today’s phenomenon and the new challenges faced by us. Many people fail to achieve their desired goal in life not because of their physical disability or lack of intelligence, but largely due to the fear of taking risks coupled with a lack of self-motivation.

Self-Motivation Through Risk Taking takes you through a journey of modernity, and presents the trends and triumphs of our successful forefathers. These lessons of self-motivation through risk taking will embolden you and energize you to act. You’ll strive to make real progress and achieve higher levels of success in entrepreneurship, business, investments, athletics, and family.

Self-Motivation Through Risk Taking will guide you to act rather than succumb to your problems. By using the concepts in this book, you’ll stay motivated and find the success you desire.

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