The Essential Coaching Book

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You are about to enter the world of personal transformation. And in this world are 15 professionally trained coaches, here to support you, share their knowledge, insights, and points of view. Each coach is knowledgeable and passionate about their area of expertise. There’s only a single desire: to help you identify your personal vision and enjoy a satisfying, successful life, on your own terms, no matter how you define “a winning life.”

Written as a collaborative effort by the members of United Coaching Associates, you’ll enjoy a variety of perspectives, tools, and techniques. Included are chapters on how to set your vision with concrete steps to get you there, whether your vision is guiding you towards romance, career enhancement, inner growth, a well-run business, physical health, or a means to plan and enjoy the rest of your life.

Throughout this book, we’ll each be your partner as you work through the suggestions and exercises that resonate with you. Additionally, at the end of this book you’ll find resources to continue the exploration of subjects most meaningful for you.

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