The Strategies of China’s Firms : Resolving Dilemmas

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This book aims to analyze how China’s firms in the consumer electronics (CE) sector have developed their business strategy and corporate governance during the reform process. This book examines the CE sector in particular because it is one of the country’s most important and dynamic manufacturing sectors and one of the earliest market-oriented sectors.

  • focuses on firms with different ownership
  • provides cases that offer insights into the interactions among key factors of environmental changes, exploitative and explorative strategies, and performance in a transition environment
  • explains why the strategies of some firms do not fit with their environments, which leads to their poorer competitive position.
  • compares the corporate governance of the China’s firms with different ownership
  • explores the different ways of development of China’s firms in the consumer electronics sector from the perspectives of business strategy and corporate governance
  • includes some wider policy-related implications related to the reform of China’s firms

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