The Technology Garden : Cultivating Sustainable IT-Business Alignment

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“The book contains a practical approach and real actions that cantransform the credibility and alignment of IT to thebusiness.”
–Myron Hrycyk, CIO, NYK Logistics UK & Eire

“A significant addition to the Enterprise Architect’sbookshelf.”
–Rupert Brown, Principal Architect, Merrill Lynch Global BusinessTechnology EMEA

Many IT deployments fall short of delivering value to thebusinesses that pay for them. On top of this, the combined forcesof rapid business change and technology innovation frequentlyoutpace the ability of IT organisations to make sense of theirimplications. With business activity and IT now so intimatelyintertwined, organizations urgently need a framework which allowsthem to align IT capabilities with business strategies andpriorities in a way that is sustainable.

A team of IT-expert authors with more than 80 years’ combinedexperience have interviewed dozens of CIOs, IT directors and othersenior technical and business decision makes to find out what worksand what doesn’t. The result is a handbook for organizations of allsizes that want to improve the value of their IT investments, thusenabling their IT capabilities to play a more pivotal businessrole. Written in plain English that does not descend into technicaldetail, The Technology Garden provides practical advice fororganizations looking to achieve sustainable IT-business alignment.To do so, it defines:
* Six key principles – a distillation of best practice that readerscan apply directly to the domain of IT-business alignment
* A framework for their application – a pragmatic roadmap for theapplication of the principles
* Adoption guidelines – a set of self-assessment checklists thatreaders can use to understand where they are on the IT-businessalignment roadmap and how to progress.

With groundbreaking research and proven approaches, this blueprintenables readers to understand what is at the heart of IT-businessalignment. Combining IT research, analysis and real-world insight,The Technology Garden is the ultimate no-nonsense guide.

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