Top Ten Tips To Advertising Your Book

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It’s a Hard, Cruel World

So you’ve decided to set out in the publishing jungle and print your own book. It’s a great feeling to see it in print and by doing the work yourself you can get a bigger percentage of the sales.

But it won’t take long before the hard, cold reality comes to call – somebody’s got to sell the books.

Most writers are great at putting words together, but they’re lousy salesmen. They can find themselves with a garage full of books all dressed up with nowhere to go.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Top Ten Tips To Advertising Your Book shows you how to sell books. It’s a must-have for authors who decide to publish their own work. You’ll learn:

.Publishing is full of crooks waiting to take your money. Top Ten Tips To Advertising Your Book shows you how to spot them, and ways find reputable publishers.

.Promoting your book can be expensive and complex. It doesn’t have to be. You can save thousands of dollars – and stand to sell thousands more books – without having to be a super-salesman.

.Should you copyright your work? How is it done? Which copyright laws apply to you? The answers are here, along with the forms.

.You can find huge new markets you may have never imagined – and learn how to approach them.

.When should you bring in salespeople? How should you work with them? It may be easier than you thought.

And so much more.

Award-winning author, editor and publisher E.D. Easley tells some of the inside secrets that can help you sell more books, avoid scams, and keep more of your money.

You may find you don’t need a big publisher to get big returns.

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