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Projects – Best Practice

Projects Best Practice

Projects – Best Practice 

I cannot think of any other concept used more in life than the “Project” – perhaps love is and family… OK so there are several others but in business! Every organisation uses projects as a way to get things done. 

Projects are an essential tool no matter if your a government department, global business or a small consultancy; a university or an individual student.  The things that make it work are collaboration and planning for the future. It derives from the Latin projectum before an action”.  

20 : 20 Project Management: How to Deliver on Time, on Budget and on SpecThere are a wealth of practical eBooks on this subject to help us run a project. One such text (first published in 2012)  is the definitive guide to successful Project Management in practice, not just in theory but in practice 20:20 Project Management: How to Deliver on Time, on Budget and on Spec. It provides readers with practical information on how to pull off successful project delivery in the real world – on time, within budget and at the right quality.

The focus is on practicality, clarity and applicability, it uses a wide range of international case studies to demonstrate how best practice is applied. It is logical and easy to follow so anyone new to project management will find it a great introduction to best practice. It has a section on specifics such as:

  • risk management
  • project leadership
  • project teams

and can be used as a standard text for the syllabi of any of the three global professional bodies in project management – the APM Group; the International Project Management Association and the Project Management Institute.

A Guide to Assessing NeedsTwo complimentary titles worth looking at are A Guide to Assessing NeedsEvery project starts with making decisions and they should be based on needs. This eBook is also highly  practical with examples  throughout and helps you work out how best to get to the real requirements that will drive the project. If you are already mid-waist in deep water with your current project, you may want to invest in this eBook 101 Project Management Problems and How to Solve Them, its full of practical advice for handling real-world project “challenges”.  You can get it here at LibStor!

Here’s a link to a bibliography of other titles you may also find very handy to have available: Project-Management – (PDF Document)