African Academic Digital Library

AADL LogoAADL (African Academic Digital Library) is a purposefully designed Cloud-Based Digital Library Service comprising  eBooks from African Publishers and by African authors accessible via web technologies and on mobile devices.

AADL is designed as a simple and straightforward addition to a University Library so Digital Content that originates from within Africa can be easily found and shared.

AADL sits harmoniously alongside existing databases and through a RESTful API (Application Program Interface) it can be embedded into existing web sites or presented in a Portal Pages to seamlessly link into an existing Library Search Portal or Discovery Service.

servimAny African University Library Service that seeks to publish their own content can reliably upload their documents in ePUB format or PDF format with metadata into AADL.

  • AADL uses  Soutron Knowledge Core to store and publish electronic content. 
  • AADL is available 24×7 all year round
  • AADL can be licenced for subscription from LibStor or one of our business partners