Soutron Archive Management

Digital Archive

Archives are usually unique collections of documents or records which have been selected for permanent preservation because of their value as evidence or as a source for historical or other research, support for brand development and design and initiatives that support customer or staff loyalty programmes.

They tell stories, document people and identity, and are valuable sources of information for research or supporting regulatory requirements. Organisations that need to manage their records recognise that archiving and records management is an important business function. When records are no longer needed in active use, they are reviewed to decide which should be selected to become part of an archive collection.

Soutron Archive Management is designed to conform to Archival Standards (EAD, ISAD(G) etc.) and  meet all requirements.  Solutions offer great flexibility to store and manage all types of archival materials in a variety of digital formats. It is a comprehensive solution for classifying and indexing all types of collections, including image management and integration with library and digital services.


collections-groupCollections can be presented within a highly customisable Search Portal and can be presented in a highly visual way to reflect the content of the archive. Search can be performed on individual Collections or across all Collections and a Search widget can be embedded in existing web pages simply and quickly.

We have many Case Studies of clients large and small who manage their archives using Soutron and experience increases in use of the archive and greater reach. Send us your email and we can share these with you.

Let us help you improve your control of content; simply data capture of documents and images and bibliographic references, catalogue series and create browsable hierarchies for Item Discovery.

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