Custom Databases and Secure Portals

Clients need a safe place to store and manage valuable data that can be shared with interested third parties in a secure and controlled manner.

Soutron’s advanced  Metadata tools and Portal technology makes it possible to quickly create a customised database, with the structures and security to be certain that data is accurate and up to date. This is done through configuration using menus, forms and templates and requires no programming which makes it a valuable tool for Government Departments and Ministries who need a rapid response to emerging needs and cannot wait for software to be developed.

The Portal technology makes it easy to create special interfaces for particular groups of interested parties and present data in the way that they expect and need. This Cloud – based service based at UK Data Centres is especially important to ensure security is at the highest level possible and data is accessible 24 x 7 for those who need to consult.

If extra controls are needed when distributing documentation, Soutron’s Digital Document Distribution technology can be applied so that documents are securely made available with limits on what can be copied, printed and seen and for how long.

We are constantly innovating and bringing new capabilities to bear on customer needs. Talk to one of our representatives and learn how we can solve your data distribution needs.