eBook Publishing

eBooks Life Cycle

LibStor can help you create and publish an eBook and provide the eCommerce and fulfilment facilities needed to get the eBook to the end user in a secure manner. And if you decide to sell it at a price, to get the income into your bank account – the whole Life Cycle of the eBook from a single supplier. It’s a simple process and using AADL, LibStor’s Digital Library, you have the perfect platform to develop your own sales and promote your work. There are two elements to start the process:

Design: you need a basic design to follow. Perhaps even the addition of pleasing graphic elements. This aids selling to the general public but is not essential to professionals – much depends on content and target audience. We can help with the design and layout.

Layout and formatting: this is the process of making your manuscript conform to your design specifications (font, presentation, headings, image placement, etc.). It may be best to keep matters simple or your content might be better presented with graphics and other links. Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 20.19.18

Stage 1 Create a Word document or manuscript 

The eBook is created from electronic files in Microsoft WORD format. The cost of the conversion depends on the extent of the work involved, graphics, links etc. 

Stage 2 Document Conversion

Document Analysis and Mark Up and Creation of ePUB file  The cost is based on number of pages and normally includes:   

        • Reflowable text up to 500 pages average 250 words per page
        • 10 external hyperlinks and 10 images (jpg or png formats)
        • creation of an ePUB file 
        • eBook cover to be supplied as image 1600 pixels wide 2400 pixels high in portrait
        • Simple formatting of text on page no special effects
        • Spell checking is not included as standard – (specify if proofreading is required)

Reflowable text is a flexible layout that scales to fit different screen and font sizes by changing page breaks and paragraph widths

Stage 3   Making a book discoverable via LibStor

The eBook that has been created will be in an ePUB format. This format can be read on hundreds of different eReaders. It is easy to download and can be protected using Digital Rights Management tools.  The ePUB file is uploaded into AADL and published by LibStor. The new eBook is presented to the market via AADL and can be made available for sale through any third party web sites if desired.  The title will be featured on a Subject page with banner adverts with graphics and the offer.  The price of the eBook is set by you.

The definitive guide to books published is“Books IN Print” and is used by the trade. To be registered requires the purchase of an ISBN. This added cost element may not be  necessary.