eCommerce Services

Monetising Content and eCommerce Services

Does your Library or Archive service fully exploit your income potential?

Atechnologyre you stepping into the future and need someone who’s been there before?

Income generation  and collecting money for services is increasingly part of any public facing archive, library or membership organisation.  Are you looking at ways that you can tap into income streams to support your services raise your profile in the organisation?  If so LibStor has a wealth of knowledge and expertise built up over 20 years of eCommerce and monetisation of Content.

We can help you develop fully automated systems to remove the drudgery and complexity that accompanies eCommerce. Our knowledge can help you design efficient processes include staging servers, metadata cleansing and data management, automated web site updating, pricing, dynamic multi-currency and merchant systems, DRM (Digital Rights Management) and Copyright security and effective and efficient Search and fulfilment services.  The whole lifecycle of making content work for you is addressed.

Short cut your route to market by tapping into our expert knowledge and systems to save time and money and heartache. Let’s hear your ideas and see how we can help you reduce your workload.  A problem shared is a problem halved – call and speak to LibStor’s experts now.

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