eGovernment Information and Data Services

eGovernment Information Data Services

LibStor has a range of Cloud solutions for management of digital information using web technologies that are mobile friendly. These include systems and services for Open Data Initiatives, Data Governance, Records Management, Archival Services, Benchmarking, eBook and Electronic Document Distribution and Knowledge Services.

  • Simple and fast to implement without long lead times
  • Future-proofed using latest web technologies
  • Open for integration with a wide range of third party systems using international standards
  • Secure authenticated login and single sign on
  • Easy to brand and configure different Search Portals to suit the needs of Ministries, Departments and Agencies.
  • All functions performed via a web browser
  • Mobile device ready and responsive
  • Easy to configure by non-IT staff without recourse to the supplier
  • Cost effective, able to be used for a variety of information management needs
  • Fully supported Help Desk

Data is stored in the Cloud at LibStor’s UK Cloud Services Data Centres that are ISO 27001 Certified Tier 4 world class facilities. These are available 24 x7 and fully supported by the latest resilient technologies and processes.