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The challenge facing all societies is the acquisition, management and transfer of knowledge in the digital age.

How an organisation creates and applies Knowledge Services will dictate their growth and the efficiency of individuals and the organisation as a whole. It impacts product innovation and service delivery.

Using Soutron technology Knowledge Services can be put in place quickly and without the need for IT -skilled staff to manage information resources. One such example of a Knowledge Service is the development of Skills Register or Expertise Database.

Soutron’s flexible database and web technology provides a simple forms driven application development platform to capture knowledge of skills at source.This is then made available via a Skills Portal across the organisation nationally or globally to bring people together based on up to data knowledge.

Each individual can manage and provide their own profile using a customised form, representing the organisation’s needs. This type of application supports business development such as Bid Creation  when working in Tendering situations; Research Teams can be assembled based on who has the right expertise and has worked on past projects; Skills shortages can be easily identified and individuals with special skills can be quickly identified.  This is just one application at work using Soutron’s Knowledge Core and flexible database, part of the standard  Soutron application.

In the Energy industry Soutron is used by Power Plant Engineers at one of the world’s largest energy producers to store knowledge about station maintenance and how the plant was constructed to aid the speed of response to emergency situations. Soutron’s advanced Indexing and  Search technology is a “One Stop Search” service that improves Technical Information Discovery. This avoidsoutron-collections-searchs re-inventing the wheel and when new plant is to be brought into operation past knowledge is easily accessible.  The inability to access critical organisational knowledge results in tangible risks, expense and challenges, threatening to: overlook critical points of failure, impede innovation, delay time-to-market, reduce efficiencies and repeat past mistakes. Using Soutron puts existing technical knowledge in the hands of engineers that otherwise has been scattered across  a variety of systems – previously it has walked out of the door due to a retiring engineering workforce and mid-career turnover.

Soutron clients have created and developed a wide range of applications that store and manage knowledge in legal firms, accountancy firms, advertising agencies, government departments, oil companies, professional bodies, research institutes, service and consultancy firms.

Our specialist Knowledge Consultants are available to share best practice and ideas with you. Please contact us to arrange for a more in depth conversation:

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