Search Portal Technology

LibStor embraces Soutron’s Search Portal technology that has been developed to provide a flexible gateway to a variety of information systems and sources, including its own database to store and manage digital content. The flexibility and use of advanced web technologies makes it ideally suited for Government Departments and Agencies that need to implement systems fast and make access to information mobile friendly.

Soutron eGov Portal Technology
Soutron eGov Portal Technology
  • Cloud ServiceĀ Fast to deploy and accessible from any location
  • Security and Granular Permissions Configuration protects data
  • Single Sign On Authorisation for seamless access
  • Mobile friendly using HTML5 and CSS so that it is highly customisable
  • Multiple Portals, custom branding and integration with third party systems
  • Multi-lingual, multi-site
  • Archive facilities provide a secure safe haven for data

Soutron’s Search Portal technology is available for use with any Web Browser and can be used internally within an organisation or can be public facing with seamless integration with Web Sites to provide controlled access to digital content.